Content Writing Tips – Importance of Writing in Business Online Marketing

What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation
Define SEO?
Search Engine Optimization is a part of marketing over the internet and generates the business leads and sales deals contact enquiries through more online visibility over the web. This can be done by developing search engine friendly and user related solution based website content and articles stuffed with user query relevant keywords for website pages.
Is SEO a business technique?
To say simply SEO = Art + Science + Economics + Maths + Business
How to write for a website
Website marketing is always depends on promotion of the site with proper onpage optimization and offpage optimization activities on online to reach maximum qualified visitors, audiences and business customers. Content writing is needed in these both seo components.
SEO web content is just not like a regular writing on notebooks. It always requires topic based keywords more relevant to your theme. SEO copy mainly begins with understanding the people search requirement and identification of matched keywords from keyphrases research to select most relevant primary keywords and secondary words.
A writer’s guide – Write your own content
SEO page content is not only writing around well researched your business products or services keywords, it needs an art of writing skills for users and understanding the science behind the search engine functions. i.e. How search engine works and How your website pages are ranking naturally after withstanding various search engine algorithms etc… Your content keywords are plays key role in ranking of webpage and business leads and sales generation on web.
Want to become an SEO writer?
There a number of ways to improve yours writing skills with online writing training courses. Many copywriting firms and online writer services companies are offering free certification in web writing programs and workshops. Reading habits of newspapers, weekly monthly magazines and relevant blogs websites, pressreleases, articles also newsletters can help you in improving your writer knowledge and usage of words in the content. These tips and ideas tells you how to become online writer and how to plan content developer career.
As a SEO writer you need to write page content on various industry topics like tourism travel, banking, telecom, culture, world trends, individuals lifestyle, engineering, personality development, fashion styles, garments and apparels, automobiles engineering, manufacturing, IT software, information security, scientific research, personal relationship, sports medical, health, Petrochemicals, web & mobile applications etc. topics.  Should able to prepare unique content in various multiple formats like articles, pressreleases, directories, documents, pdf books, ebooks,  blog postings and business content with SEO knowledge on keyword density, keywords location & proper placement etc…
Here are few simple tips to enhance your writing style
  • Sharpen your writing skills with fundamental SEO
  • Always write for your human readers and customers
  • Craft titles with trendy and descriptive
  • Make your headlines with more clickable

SEO Writing – From where to Start to Where to Finish
  • Choosing a user solution based topic
  • Perform fundamental keyword research
  • Developing user oriented content
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Publishing on online
  • Measuring the content performance

Content Writing tips for SEO
SEO writing is a practice of Search Engine Optimization writing. A lot of SEO onpage techniques are help you especially in user oriented writing after understanding the search engines role in good user experience.
This is writing skills needs to learn how search engine works when user enters a query in search box and after. This can gives you in-depth ideas on grabbing the web visitor’s attention from the search results pages. Also you can able to understand the technical side of SEO writing knowledge on how to write a good content. In addition these, you will learn the user engaging with a landing webpages to solve or to meet users requirements.
Effective SEO Writing Tips for Copywriters
Your content writing skills should meet the search engines as well users search intention. Nowadays search engines are giving high priority to user engagement content with unique and freshness. You have to understand here about the various kinds of Google searches.
Types of Google Searches – Navigational (Branded), Exact matched, Informative
These 3 types of user searches are helps in developing unique page content to grab online searcher clicks on your business products pages, services pages etc…Here are some web tools helps you in grabbing user attentions.
Helpful SEO Writing Tools

These tools will help you with your content development
Keyword Research
  1. Google Keyword Planner –‎
  2. Ubersuggest –
  3. 7 Search –
  4. Soolve –
  5. SpyFu –
  6. Google Insights for search –
  7. Google trends –
  8. Wordtracker –
  9. KeywordDiscovery tool -
  10. Wordpot tool –
  11. NicheBot Classic –
  12. Webseo analytics –

Keyword Density & Variations
  1. Synonyms finder –
  2. Visuwords –
  3. Thesaurus –
  4. Dictionary –
  5. Tagcrowd –
  6. Wikipedia –
  7. Keyword questions –

Duplicate Content
  1. Copyscape –
  2. PlagSpotter –
  3. Siteliner –
  4. Plagiarism checker –

Keyword content performance tracking
  1. Advanced Web Ranking –
  2. Google webmasters tool –‎
  3. Google analytics tool –‎

Content Algorithms

SEO writer job in these advanced marketing years is always subjected to constant changes depending on various search engine algorithms. Web content based algorithms like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms are pushing the webizens and webmasters, copy writers into an undefined path over the web.
In addition to these content algorithms, online visitor’s trends, social media trends, social media optimization practices and marketing are under constantly changing.

So, if you are pursuing your career in SEO marketing, freelance seo services or web content developer job or online writer job then, it is better to tracking the search engine algorithms updates, changes in user online behaviour, visitors purchase behaviour etc… to get the lead role in generating business leads and sales with your content writing jobs and skills.

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