Content Writing Tips for SEO Optimization and Marketing

There are number of content writing tips are exists over the internet with existing methods to enhance the advanced writing skills. But these writing ideas are making confusion to site traffic in how to develop unique content that searchers likes more and more etc…
Read this advanced SEO education blog article on latest trends in SEO writing and developing user friendly content after Google Hummingbird and Panda algorithm update. These website SEO guide tips and new content writing techniques are helps you in creating search efficient web copy to attract the more visitors…  

Improving your web content online by brand

Using SEO activities – 
  • off page backlinking, 
  • onpage keyword optimization, 
  • profile creation on social media sites, 
  • Keywords stuffing while preparing web content for pages,
  • adding domain or brand name in the About Us webpage with name in meta title etc…
New activities – 
  • new content addition to solve users’ issues, periodical keyword research to determine new trending and user based keywords.
  • Tracking the main landing pages (especially money making pages, product and service pages) and making content updates on regular basis.
  • Usage of keyword variants for the targeted keywords optimization in meta title, description and keyphrases
  • Using SEO activities – onpage optimization with single primary keyword
  • Usage of multiple keywords in a single page. 
  • Usage of keyword variants in web content development
  • Usage of keyword variants in on-page ranking parameters
In internet there is a new trend is begin after Google’s search algorithm Hummingbird update.

Before to Hummingbird algorithm update, SEO is all about keywords and SERP rankings. But from after the Hummingbird search algorithm update release, online SEO is not about Keywords ranking. It’s all about User Value…simply to say good user experience with website content.
Getting ROI from page content

Using SEO activities – 
  • onpage optimization with targeted keyword insertion at all places like title, headings, image alt texts, paragraphs etc…
  • You can hire a freelance content writer or quote your prices for affordable budget copywriter services to develop organic search friendly user solution based web content for retaining better online visitor behaviour and authority also brand reputation over the internet.
New activities – 
  • Usage of “Buy Now” lead button or “Register Now” button in the middle of the paragraphs and below the relevant content.
  • Hiring the freelance or in-house expert online writer services is still work out method to improve the web copy according to latest search engine algorithms to acquire Return On Investment with copy writer writing skills. 

Reduce website pages Bounce Rate with content

Using SEO activities – 
  • Earlier many people are not considered this as very important. After implementation of Panda and Hummingbird algorithms update, the writing style and content presentation over the internet is moved to new levels. 

New activities – 

  • Online visitors and audiences are regularly or periodically searches internet to find out required information within their time. If your content is not user value oriented, then they exit from your web pages even your site is ranking at first position in SERP results for their search query. The ratio between entry and exit pages is known as bounce rate. You can find this in your Google Analytics account.
  • Adding the targeted keyword variants in the page content to enhance the naturality and user readability can help in decreasing the bounce rate.
  • Bounce rate management is depends upon a lot of other parameters like image sizes, page size, length of content, used keyword’s efficiency, search volume and onpage & offpage optimization strategy, call to action button colour, lead button texts, page loading speed, SEO marketing plan etc… Along with these factors, he optimized content will play a key role in landing page bounce.   
Rewriting or modification of the exist content with latest statistics or details or evergreen keywords can make your content very fresh and unique over the competitors and bring good number of targeted web traffic. This can help you in managing your bounce rate and keep your site most user value based.

Check regularly the organic seo keywords efficiently performing on online in bringing web traffic and business leads sales and deals enquiries from what pages, content and user online behaviour on your site. Monitor your Google webmaster account tool and Google analytic tools to determine visitor entry to purchase flow etc… These free tools can help you in finding out the visitor impression, opinions about your site. You can register freely and monitor on regular basis at your free hours. Focus attention on your blog or site.  Because your’s Blog or Website is an online marketing tool over the internet.

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