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In this article, you can learn about:
  • Role of web content in web marketing strategy
  • Web content criteria
  • What are Online Content Types and examples
  • How to get SEO rank with dynamic and static content
  • Writing tutorials tips
  • Content writing ideas
  • Best Content online Plagiarism checker tools etc…
There are many types of content is exists. Example informational content and target oriented (sales-oriented) content etc.
Content writer (copywriter) job is writing the unique content for website pages, blogs, articles, pressreleases, directories, technical content for product or service, legal contracts, product design specifications, lab guide, help guide, magazine, research documents etc.
Role of web content
  • To get SEO rankings for your website pages
  • To reach targeted online visitors and audience
  • To drive good number of web traffic
  • To beat online business competitors
  • To generate online revenues and business leads, sales etc…
Content criteria
  • Qualityness
  • Unique content
  • User value oriented
  • Relevant keywords
  • Freshness of content
What are Online Content Types?
Basically there are two kinds of content available online.
They are, 1) Dynamic             
                   2) Static.
Dynamic content example:
  1. News
  2. Blog posts
In this dynamic content category, the old postings generally replaced with new information or postings. Example are your blog articles.
Static content example:
  • Historical news etc…
  • User guide
  • Lab manuals
  • Lab guides
  • Help books
  • Support documents
  • Training courseware
  • Product owner manuals
  • PDF books
  • Software installation guide
  • ebooks
  • Material safety guide
  • PPT slides
  • Brochures
  • Infographics
  • Newsletters
  • Software user manuals
  • Product catalogues
  • Technical articles
  • White papers
In this static content category, normally the webpage content will not be changed or modified. Sometimes partial content modification may occur whenever required.
How to get SEO rank with dynamic content
  • For Dynamic content, On-page search engine optimization required for website ranking in the SERP.
How to get SEO rank with static content
  • For static content, Off-page search engine optimization required for website ranking in the SERP through link building activities on regular basis.
Get more information on Types of web content here.
Writing tutorials tips
Keyword selection is a crucial part of web marketing. Picking up the right and relevant keywords are highly influence your return on investment (SEO ROI) and online business success with lesser efforts. There are a many ways to find out the effective business bringing keywords with various online keyword research tools or keyword generators softwares.
Well optimized content rich with keywords is improve your SEO optimization and marketing also website pages organic search ranking at various major search engines.
The beginning step to the SEO search engine optimization is to choosing the relevant keyword phrases to your business products or services. After picking the effective keywords, you need to prepare a content calendar then writing effective web page content or other forms of content.
Your content is a major ranking element in the process of search engine optimisation (SEO) services and other online marketing services. It is an online investment to promote your products and services.
Hire in-house or freelance writers to write most effective web content and product copies with focused keywords. Here are few tips to improve your writing skills.

Content writing ideas
  • Should stick to main theme
  • Explain in simple way
  • Use various font styles, points
  • Avoid longer paragraphs
  • Use relevant images
  • Write in user language
  • Use active voice instead of passive voice
  • Make the content into sub topics
  • Improve working knowledge of various writer’s tools
How to Check Duplicate Content Online –  Best Content Plagiarism checker tools
  • Copyscape –
  • PlagSpotter –
  • Siteliner –
  • Plagiarism checker –

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