Common SEO Mistakes in your Website Internet Marketing Strategy

Logo and website design are beginner website marketing activities prior to SEO search engine optimization. After launching fully structured website along with user required online content and primary keyword optimization and helper keywords optimization also technical seo factors optimization etc.

Though many websites are with search engine friendly content and user navigation friendly page layout, etc. lakhs of websites are not receiving their predefined web goals such as search engine ranking, massive organic search visits, online revenue, business leads, sales and deals etc. SEO for websites is one of the toughest and creative, interesting one also.

Continue to read and the best tips to overcome the existing SEO mistakes in your websites and business blogs even though you are optimized with effective SEO optimization and marketing plan. SEO process is a continuous process of internet marketing channel. You will blog for best seo tips and tricks, how to avoid the non-ethical (bad) seo optimization practices etc. Each of website optimization and promotion strategy can results in search engine penalty and loss of website rank position in SERP results.

Common SEO practices to avoid in your Website Internet Marketing Strategy

Lack of idea on How search engine bot crawls and index your site

Many beginner seo executives and links builder job, bloggers lacks the concept behind how search engine works. They lack of knowledge on best tools and softwares to check how a website get crawled and indexed, how the sites appear for the search engine robots.

Tip – Use a free tool to check crawling process – ( SEO Browser Tool)

Lack of effective keyword research and analysis process

Many web masters and seo analysts simply add search word in regular and latest keyword research tools. They include the search term and measures the search volume and competition global wise or location wise. Appropriate keyword selection is playing key role in website success over the internet. After collecting the keywords and plans to optimize the at effective places for keywords placement.

Tip – Search engines do not pick the keywords, they pick web pages from the crawled sites. Focus on choosing appropriate long tail (lengthy) keywords for regular blogging and business blogging. Understand the nature of keywords (navigational, informative, money making) before finalizing during the analysis of keyword phrases for website optimization. Targeted user search intent and relevancy of phrases you finalized as your keywords.

Know what they Know

Targeting The Wrong Person

Many web masters and seo consultants, internet marketing managers are collecting the keywords optimized from on their online competitors and business competitor websites manually and with the help of online tools etc. (from meta title, description, body content, anchor texts, call to action terms of lead buttons etc. from homepage as well as landing pages). It is a kind of scraping the optimized online information from other sites.

Tip – Use Google Analytics and Web master tools or any other Web Analytics tools

The keyword phrases may be relevant or irrelevant to your targeted customers on online. Many tools are nowadays helping the online users search intent analysis. The right person can improve your site relationship and establish search engine brand, online trust, authority and online performance etc. those supports you in reaching maximum number of targeted customer base and new opportunities to find the potential customers and online audiences.

Approach with SEO techniques with care

Keyword life span

It is the optimized keyword phrases life saturation. Search engines are very intelligent systems detects the over optimization and content quality, key phrases performance, visitor engagement, bouncerate and othet landing webpage parameters. User search behaviour and search engine algorithm updates are playing major role in keyword existance.

Tip – Do keyword research periodically and optimize the new rising, trending keyword phrases for your website optimization and marketing process. Use Google Analytics or any other web analytics tool to find the online visitor search behaviour. Analyze your visitor enagement performance.

Periodically produce original and quality content according to search engine algorithm friendly user online intent based information. Add Google Hummingbird based content such as in the form of FAQs, headings and paragraphs etc. diversified webpage content formats etc.

Determine new seo methods and ideas after Search engine algorithms updates

Poor quality of content – Focus on long-term relationship

The plus of blogging is writing the content with targeted keywords. Every blogger and webmaster, content writer think that language grammer is not a seo factor nowadays. But the recent web content based algorithm Panda algorithm latest updates are targeteing the sites and blogs having poor engish language grammer and keyword stuffed page information.

Tip – Use primary and helper keywords along with synonyms to write effective content that required by your focused customers. Learn her best places to add the primary key term phrases and suitable locations to add your secondary key phrases. Avoid low quality online content writing. Learn customer educative web content and interactive content writing tips.

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