– a Successful Telugu Movies Tollywood Entertainment Website with Film Pictures and Videos

91 – Success Story of a Telugu Movies (Tollywood) Entertainment Website with Film Pictures and Videos…

E-commerce web business in India is day by day is increasing the ecommerce shopping boom is spreading all over the country. Many ecommerce sites such as “”, “”, “”, “” etc. are becoming top five e-commerce websites in India with huge number of online visitors, web transactions, prompt delivery of ordered products, unique offerings, cashback offering etc. The new as well as return customers faith is helping these leading e-commerce sites with succeeding in Indian web markets with booming leap growth on online.

Best successful startups websites are in generally appears in ecommerce, education, web hosting, technology, and business websites. But achieving online success is not easy with sites in financial investment and entertainment industry with plagiarism free content. Recently it was found on online with two sites. One of them is and another is Here are our greetings on their successful achievement…

Website  SEO Guide Blog is sharing the success story of

First, Website  SEO Blog is congratulating the cineforest site for its success on online…

Congratulations… Cineforest, for your Success within 2 years …!

Success story of site tollywood entertainment blog with Google Adsense
Success story of Cineforest site

Site profile:

Launched year – 18 th, October, 2012        
Theme – telugu film entertainment
Content forms – text, pictures, videos etc.
Language – English
Behind cineforest – Suresh Reddy and Seeta Pavan Kumar

Behind the success story of the cineforest site:

  • Unique logo design – Logo image itself representing the what is the site content and blogging topics
  • Clear offering – visitor entertainment and engagement with images, videos and relevant content
  • Simple user-friendly interface with site navigation, web page layout, effective call-to-action phrases
  • Social proof – Displayed the popular social profile links to get visitors and online audiences trust, testimonials etc. These links played a key role in sharing online with friends, friends of friends, those searching for online entertainment
  • White background – website with cleared white background and dark gray coloured borders for its theme template.
  • Homepage – Shows every category from homepage and internally linked to main inner pages and new pages too. Visitors able to find all newly created postings and content from homepage from body content as well scrolling texts.
  • Page layout – designed especially for visitor engaging and fun offering
  • Multiple content forms – If someone visits for most entertainment site for content. images, videos and other forms, the user navigation definitely helps them in finding searching content
  • Attractive pictures – Images with clear and high quality and eye catch in nature. The images are connecting the massive number of interested visitors. The surrounding content is clearly curated about what is picture or video is about
  • Serving relevant content – Content writer curated all efficient entertainment keywords to make relevancy to what they offering for users on the web pages. 

Reached Online Customers

  • Online searchers
  • Entertainment lovers
  • Latest image searchers
  • Latest video searchers
  • Actor fans
  • Actress fans
  • Telugu people
  • Foreign telugu NRIs 
  • Web content searchers
  • Journalists
  • Telugu film industry people
Continue reading this article on success story of best tollywood pictures, video bloggers in hyderabad’ site. Read the secrets behind the best telugu movies review site. Get it in their words….

2010 – 2011 is Year of our Programmer Job 

Once upon in 2010 we lost our programming jobs (as programmers) in hyderabad due the impact of global financial recession / slowdown to our companies. At the time of days, there are No salaries in our hands, empty shirt pockets, cashless wallets and saving bank accounts. The days were sleepless days in our daily life. We were the job seekers at that time in the early 2012…

Hope is Not Lost

We are started blogging without any other’s support but depended on our bank credit card only. After few days of blogging, we decided to continue our website posting and concluded as blogging is our life

Suresh Reddy is researched online what are the best topics to get paid for blogging. He finalized that Tollywood movies (Telugu films) is the best topic to reach the maximum number of online people. Suresh Reddy shared his ideas and the future growth of the entertainment blog on online with Pavan kumar, a dotnet (.net) programmer in Hyderabad. Pavan also researched and committed to movie blogging is their future.

Movie Blog Journey on Online

Suresh reddy created the strategy how to blog on regular basis, site design, how to engage the online visitors and ways to promote over the internet with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), Social media blogging etc. He taken responsibility in content update on regular basis. Regularly he is updating the site with latest algorithms friendly user content.

Pavan developed the site in dotnet and other programming languages to provide the best user navigation function, user experience to retain the visitors long time on the web pages. He used his programmer skills in designing and developing the website to enhance the site function.

Pavan kumar taken all responsibilities of site development, code testing, site function and partial update of online content when in his free hours. He testing the site on regular basis and examining the website function, identifying the code errors to fix them immediately.

The site designed to entertain the people really searching for tollywood movies entertainment videos, actor pictures, actress images, latest heros, upcoming heroine in telugu movie industry. The gradual increasing entertainment lovers visits for this cineforest site is supported us to sticking what we promised to page visitors and online audiences and what our mission … Pavan Kumar and Suresh Reddy

How we get famous fast?

  • Our website design
  • Our online content
  • Our keyword phrases
  • Our SEO skills
  • Our dedication
  • Our team work
  • Our mission

We received less online traffic in 2012 in beginner days. We are planned to improve our web traffic with organic seo company services in hyderabad. But finally we decided to learn seo course in hyderabad either in classroom or online education training mode. Attending seo course classes from a best seo training institute in hyderabad is helped us in making our site more popular on online and in the telugu movie industry blogs. We won the web competition among the existing top entertainment websites and blogs on telugu film based blogs…

To continue our blogging efforts, we had prepared a strategy on how to manage entertainment movies website.

Here is NO secret SEO Sauce Online

We curated content that provides value to our site visitors. As the website becoming more popular on online it will started generating good amount from web advertisements. The testimonials, complement from fellow bloggers, entertainment industry and telugu film industry people are made us to become more successful professional bloggers in telugu film and entertainment field. Thanks to all them.

Our biggest success is our custom webdesign and webpage layout. We designed what we believed user friendly with Webmaster guidelines and with the SEO optimization and marketing plan. With the organic search engine optimization strategy, we improved our online popularity and reach of targeted online searcher base. Now we had beaten a four  main competitor sites with aged of  5 years old in the tollywood entertainment video sites with actress images, actor wallpapers, upcoming hero heroin pictures, movie reviews blogging. 

Now the site alone resulting organic search traffic daily. To achieve this long term success we waited for 2 years. Today, we are “one-stop solution for Tollywood online entertainment”. Our journey is from 2012 into successful days at now… No short cut ways to our successful moments…“Seetha Pavan Kumar”

Now, we are not Job Seekers… 
Today, We are Job Providers… 
with our group of companies…. “” – “Bandarla Suresh Reddy”. 

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