Choose AdSense Profitable Niche for SEO Blogging to make Money Online – Best Adsense Optimization Tips


Read this SEO tips and ideas article on determining best topics to make good amount of money and methods of Google Adsense account approval techniques, considerable criteria in selecting best niche topics and sources to check to identify best topic to blogging also adsense optimization tips etc…

Here is an important Best SEO Tips on How to and Why to Choose Google AdSense Profitable Niche for SEO Blogging to make Money Online at Home. Blogging is a process of updating of selective content to blogs on regular basis or freelance hours basis. Blogging is a commercial one. Through Google AdSense, you can make money online at home daily or freelance hours timings.

Approval of Google Adsense account is the key dream for many publishers, bloggers and website owners. Here is a best checklist for adsense approval for blogs and websites. Generally there are three (3) methods are exists for Approval of Google Adsense account for individual blogs or company sites.

Methods of Adsense account approval

  1. Youtube channel creation – (Quick approval technique)
  2. Direct application to (Websites and blogs should follow a adsense checklist)
  3. In-Direct application (via adsense sharing websites)

You can follow any method to get approval for your website or blogs. 

Google AdSense is a web advertisement program that displays relevant online ads on your sites and helps you in earning money online with Google. There are a lot of niches are available and supporting this money making program. 

Due to the misuse of this free money making program, many online people including working from home, office and free hours over the internet etc.. many strict policies are imployed by Google Adsense program. 

Best required criteria for Google AdSense Profitable Niche to money making

Here are some criteria to find right niche to make regular or extra money from home through various Google online sources.


  • Should have organic search engine traffic and referal traffic
  • Should be regular in the form of newbie and return visitors

Readers and online audiences 

  • Should have regular visitors availability over the web
  • Understand internet or online marketing techniques to improve direct and referral readers


  • Should have patience to make money and to earn with your knowledge and writing skills


  • Should be your own and unique
  • Should be impressive and informative fresh content, trendy with interactive topics to magnet the web traffic audience


  • Should have less to good competition on online
  • Need to analyze the number of competitors, their frequency of posting (regular or non-regular) and using keywords etc…


  • Chosen niche should be with a lot of advertisers to promote their products or services

These criterias are playing an important role in before finding the right niche or to finalize to select the niche for blogging with Google AdSense Profitable topics to make regular or extra income money online at homes and free hours.

Where to find best niche to create blog to make money

Here are few best latest online sources to identify best money making industry to create a blog. These sources are with a lot of regular posting and can represent the growth of online consumers and web visitors trends, online behaviour, search queries etc…

Sources to finding best niche to blogging

  1. Amazon
  2. Flippa
  3. Yahoo answers
  4. Google trends
  5. Clickbank
  6. eBay
  7. Flipcart
  8. eCommerce websites
  9. Article sites categories
  10. Pressrelease sites categories
  11. Directories sites categories
  12. Local classified sites categories

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