Blogging from Trash to Cash with SEO Blogger Digital Marketing Techniques

Blogging from Trash to Cash

Blooging is make your normal presence to more authority in your blogging topics. To become a money blogger you need to have few features in terms of online blogging. You can turn your computer, smartphone to make money blogging to enhance your presence online with SEO Blogger and Digital Marketing Techniques.

Blog Online to Make money web with Online Writing and Digital Marketing
Blog and Make money online with Website and Online Writing, Digital Marketing

What are your blogging topics? Are they lead your Blogging from Trash to Cash

Blog topics are most important factor in earning money online. When a visitor is landed on your blog article or web page; he reads the few lines of content and decides either to stay or bounce out from the site or landingpage. Search engines are ranking every web page for a keyword exists in that page’s content.

If your content is not worthful; then the search engines devalue your web pages or articles and lower the rank, search traffic, online advertising, and your efforts too in terms of web writing, online marketing and website optimization etc. Your blogging themes and keywords you selected to develop blog’s articles or to write web content also number of visitors coming to your sites are playing a key role in enhancing your presence online. NOT all blogs are SAME.

Vulnerability Scanner Testing Softwares Differ from Cyber Security Marketing

Best content to earn passive income through online money earning is differ from one blogging topic to another topic. For instance, vulnerability scanner testing softwares is different from cyber security marketing in the cybersecurity niche. Another example is here. Blogging the topics with online education is different from health blogging. Agriculture blog topics are different from online education degrees topics. So, build a autority website or blog with chosen topics instead of multiple topics on same topics. Biulding a niche website more profitable than other types of blogs. You can monitize these niche topics in a number ways of website content monetization methods.

Are you a continue learning and inspiring blogger – What is your Blogging Journey from Trash To Cash

SEO Blogging from Trash to Cash with Digital Marketing Techniques

 Earn Passive income with your online writing and blogging topics

Niche topics are the best content ideas to generate passive income in a number of content monetization methods. The topics are able to generate organic search traffic from search engines and fererral web trafic from a lot of referral sites depending up on your online marketing efforts. You can earn money from a best online money make sources such Google Adsense, Microsoft Ads, Yahoo Ads, Sponser advertisements, Affiliate marketing, selling the various types of digital products such as images, PLR articles, eBooks, DVDs and videos, premium memberships etc.

Learn lesson from your Blogging experice while Trash to Cash

If you want to inspire other follow online bloggers, you need to focus on your blogging topics. Be a subject matter expert (SME) to gain expertise and niche authority position. Most of the existing online bloggers those are leading in niche topics are optimized their articles and webpage (NOT entire website) content with one to three keywords. Check at their landing page’s main on-page seo elements like page title, meta description, headings, image alts and anchor texts along with other supplemetal keywords (mostly secondary keywords or industry words). Besides this there are other factors making them a niche authority. Research to find the factors and characters making and those can make you a continue learning and inspiring blogger.     

Promote your content with blog marketing to Move from Trash to Cash

  1. After publishing your blog article or web page contnet; start sending your content to your followers, social networks and other online & affline sources
  2. Use email marketing services and softwares to distribute to your subscribers
  3. Use social media networks to improve your articles availability online
  4. Publish a discription and link back to your website and blogs
  5. Focus on effective and advanced keyword research methods
  6. Optimize your target keyword in your post title, content, meta description and image alts and header texts
  7. Be a social blogger with ethical blog commenting on other blogs with similar topics
  8. Develop and publish the possible types of content like content, image, video, audio, infographics etc.
  9. Focus on guest blogging to improve your brand and authority

Post less and Promote more – The Digital Marketing Advertising Market of SEO Blogging to lay path from Trash to Cash!

Keep your content management with a regular frequency of content posting on your blog. Add minimum 1 article to unlimited number atleast per week. Before developing the contnet on a selected topic just do the online research for how to better blogging, how to improve website traffic with new topics and how to beat online competitors on the topic (do competitor analysis) etc.

Blogging from Trash to Cash with SEO Blogger Techniques

Pendem Raju - Digital Marketing Guide - Website SEO Education Blog
Digital Marketing Guide Blogging by Pendem Raju

Use your social media profile sites to promote your content online. Focus on content marketing activities. At the same time don’t ignore the benefits of blogging in terms of money, online promotion, branding, manageing authority, search engine reputation etc. You no need to have a new skills but need to be a better thinker than your online competitors. You can blog for business products or services offering. You can promote your website over the internet to earn passive income from online while working from home, office commputers, and your your part time hours. Focus your SEO skills and online digital marketing skills, online advertising methods to  promote your website more and more than your posting articles. Attain digital marketing training and Learn digital marketing skills to promote your websites online with SEO optimization and internet marketing methods. Be digital marketer yourself.

Authour: Pendem Raju

Pendem Raju is known Digital Marketing SEO Blogger and digital marketing analyst Hyderabad based and promoting internationally the corporate business blogs, companies websites to reach multi nations target customers from more than 5 years of digital marketing job experience in Hyderabad. Online digital marketer expert Pendem Raju has been working as real-time Hyderabad digital marketing analyst and promoting the multi domain based websites across the all major search engines in all aspects of website marketing.

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