Blogging and Bloggers

Blogging and Bloggers

Blogging is not a new online activity. The advantages of blogging is paved widen way to business blogging. Many business companies are recruiting the in-house content writers and online writers to blog on chosen business products and services in order to promote offering products and services on online.

Blogging techniques and skills are nowadays become essential skills to every students and working professionals irrespective of industry. Here read a one of the friend successful blogging story with how he got a high salary web programmer job for his pro-blogging skills.

How your Blog can Add Benefits to your Career

One of the friend working as a programmer in a software company is got a high paid web developer job as he was blogging on various web languages and programming tips and programmer techniques. He attended interview in 6 software companies. The interviewer (senior HR manager) somewhat surprised when he saw his programmer resume and asked him on how is blogging on various programming languages.

4 companies hr managers were asked him on how he is planning his time to blogging, what are best blogging topics he posted, how was blog traffic, the blog theme and template and content marketing also blog marketing simply blogger promotion etc. He was explained about his time management for blogging.

Mmm … Finally he Got Job for Blogging on Programming Topics

Out of 6 companies interview, he was selected in 4 companies as he was having a blog on web programming tips and techniques, ideas for beginner programmers and experts. Surprisingly he got job offer in those 4 software firms. The HR managers phoned him confirmed job in their organization and appreciated his blogging skills and asked him to continue the same even in their firm too.

After carefully reviewing about these 4 companies, finally he was chosen a UK based web programming company job for offered senior programmer job designation with high salary and other benefits. This is example for how your blog can add benefits to your career. 

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