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The Digital Marketing blog got another Indian Tech blogger Interview online for you with a technology blogging expert. Really excited to have him on SEO email interview board to share his technology blogging expertise with you all on this Pendem Raju‘s is Blogging by Technology Blogger Gurunath.N.

Welcoming Gurunath of blogger from Hyderabad India. The digital marketing blog met him in a Shout Me Loud’s Blogger Meet Session with Harsha Agarwal, one of the Top Adsense earners in India. The digital marketing blog today to share with you all his own freelance blogging expertise as a self-made freelance blog writer and website marketer — here he gives us a few blogging tips from his real-time blogging experience on how to start a blogging and how to manage your blog DYI effectively from scratch also ways to make money online. Read here his blogging experience from his website

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi friends, first of all I am very thankful to Pendem. Raju, digital marketer Hyderabad; for giving this wonderful opportunity to meet awesome people like you through his adorable Digital Marketing Blog (

I am Gurunath an MBA (Marketing) graduate by qualification, and a blogger by passion from Hyderabad, India. I love watching Movies, Cricket, Kabaddi and a hardcore Marvel Avengers Alliance face book game player. Coming to a bit of astrology, I am a GEMINI by birth date and I have most of the characteristics a Gemini Sun sign has in general.

 I started blogging 3 months back with blogger platform and decided to take it serious since August 2015 through Word Press.

I have worked for different companies in different roles since 1999. Recently I have decided to work from home and while looking for some good legal ways to earn money online, blogging is the one that caught my eyes.

So I started my first blog on 15th August 2015 with  the domain name where I have started blogging on topics like Entertainment, movies/films, Sports, Life& Style, Technology and other random posts.

Are you a full time blogger or part-time blogger?

When I started blogging, I really don’t have any idea whether to do it regularly or periodically but now since last month I took blogging as my future career and yes I am a full time blogger now with

What inspired you to start your blog?

I am very interested in watching random TV shows, Interviews of Cricket players, celebrities and popular personalities and Commentary in Cricket and Kabaddi,watch them keenly what they say and how they say. I learnt lot of skills which helped me in my management role at Reliance Life Insurance where I worked as a Territory Manager (Branch head). So I thought if you want to meet public it is only through “MEDIA”, but how? no knowledge in Journalism, Anchoring, VJ, AJ, acting etc.. even not a good writer or having writing skills. So blogging is the best platform I found where you can shout out to public about the good and bad of society and how we can act on those things.

Apart from that I am also looking to earn money through blogging for my livelihood.

How did you get into blogging and why?

The  answer for this question is covered in the above questions and to be short give people some entertainment, information and updates and earn some money too is what I can say for this.

How much time do you spend blogging?

Come on Raju… 🙂 I am getting too much addicted to blogging last few days and I am spending most of the time on internet as many of you have already noticed it.

But in future after this initial struggle of plenty of hours (as I am learning many things still regarding Word Press, themes, plugins, SEO etc etc) I prefer 8 hours a MAX in a day for blogging and internet all together.

How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

As said above, I am not working now anywhere and most of the time is spent on blogging and related social networking activities, and making sure I am interacting to all my buddies in all the media possible is what helps me in doing good as of now.

What do you find most challenging about blogging about your topic?

To be frank, it is like a HELL to handle the topics especially while writing about movie reviews, technology tips and all as there are tons of bloggers including Pro bloggers already has written articles on some topics more efficiently. As I am a learner and a newbie, I take that as my learning’s from them and making myself improving day by day.

What’s your strategy with your blog in general?

Personally I don’t have any particular strategies for my blog but what I have learnt from the senior blog friends in my buddy list is to focus on Content, Optimise, regular posting, continuously in touch with your audience on all the Social media networks and build organic relationships. These are the few things I am following as of now and this is what I think all the newbie bloggers should try to implement.

Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post on their blogs. Name yours and why?

I don’t have any such posts as of now as I am still trying my best to do one such thing. But if you want something definitely needed to specify, then my post of “” is one of my favorite and least favorite as well. Due to that post I got several comments all over the world bloggers and I thought for me it is least favorite because it is not a post at all and no value to audience… 🙂

What was the most challenging moment in your blog content development process and why?

Before publishing a content or a post one has to do a little research on the topics you are going to talk about or post on your blog.

There are a few tools which can be so useful for making your content quality and look flawless:

  1.  Grammarly which is the best tool to check spelling in your article along with grammar.
  2. which helps you to make sure your article is having plagiarism free. This is very important to avoid penalties/suspension from Google.
  3. Google Keywords to check good keywords for your title as well as content.

Those are the tools I use to build a content/post before publishing a post.

How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

My Global Alexa Rank when I started my blog in August is in around 4800k rank and it is now 250k. My Indian Rank was in lakhs  when I started my blog and now it is at around 14k. So as per advice from seniors and after watching some good articles and YouTube videos of Pro Bloggers I came to know that domain authority, Page rank, Link building etc plays a vital role in the quality of your blog and which automatically place you amongst the good bloggers in the world provided you have to do quality content and consistent in posting and updating to new trends every day. This is what I am going to focus now on and I hope to do my best to remain amongst hundreds in India and thousands in the world.

What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

T I M E. Although I am investing much time to blogging still I am lagging behind with many bloggers of same categories or age of the blog as of me.

Tell me about your proudest achievement?

Again it is too early for me to answer this as I don’t have any such achievements so far. But small achievements like getting Ad Sense Approval within a month of  starting a blog, getting approvals in Blog Adda and Indi blogger in no time is something a little happy moments I undergone so far and I feel they are not the proudest achievements though.

What’s surprised you about the interview process so far?

The interview itself is BIG surprise and I still wonder why you chose me to interview as I am a newbie and still a learner and no way I can get interviewed…:P

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

As a newbie I have struggled a lot to know about the concept of blogging and why you should blog. By god’s grace I have got some good blog friends you daily guided me to this far and my experiences what I learned so far is what I can share as a tips and guides to the one’s who are going to start their blog career:

1) Purpose of choosing blogging?

a) is it for hobby? then don’t read next few questions.

b)Earn money and want to take it as a career? then go further reading below questions.

2) How serious you are in dedicating and balancing your time to blogging?

3) Are you ready to face the tough road for the first few days/months?

4) Ready to invest atleast Rs.6000 ($100) as a least possible investment? for a beginner with single domain webhosting and themes cost etc.

5) Think your blog/website as your own house and keep it clean and green in the form of daily posts, and other check points to make sure you don’t get blocked by Google.

6) Dedication and Passion are the final words to keep in mind everyday to fuel yourself and that is what will make sure to move further in this long road.

I am once again thankful to Mr.Raju, providing me this opportunity and he is doing a very good job in his niche of Finance which is quite hard to handle and maintain.

All the best to you… Pendem Raju for your continuous good efforts and SEO email interviewes… 

bestofguru:  “Gurunath Nakka” Technology blogger Hyderabad India.

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