Best Reasons for Loss or Drop in the Google Page Rank for Websites and Blogs after Google Panda and Penguin Update or Refresh – Best SEO Tips | Advanced Online Marketing Guide


Read this Advanced Online SEO Marketing article to know the best reasons for fluctuation in Google Page Rank for Websites and Blogs after search engine algorithms update changes.
Here are some SEO optimization Reasons for Loss or Drop in the Google Page Rank for Websites and Blogs after Google Panda and Penguin Update or Refresh.
Search engines are after indexing the websites and blogs, they provides a rank in arrangement in database for keywords. Based on many factors like traffic, content, internal link texts, inbound links…etc…search engines are providing Page Rank for Each websites as well webpages and Blogs.
Here are some best reasons for drop or loss after Google’s Penguin and Panda Update or refresh or penalty.
  1. Changes in search engine’s Algorithm
  2. Wrong keywords optimization
  3. Loss of pagerank or link popularity
  4. Discontinuation from quality backlinks building
  5. Spam or malwares on websites or blogs
  6. Google penalty by Google Panda updates
  7. Google penalty by Google Penguin updates.
  8. Linking to bad neighbourhood or penalized sites.
  9. Promoting the affiliate marketing products or services
  10. Low quality backlinks from irrelevant sites
  11. Improper website or blog promotion practices. 
  12. Low Quality (shallow) thin content
  13. Canonicalization issue
  14. Excessive server down issues
  15. Duplication content on multiple webpages
  16. Exact or partial matched domain practice
  17. Hidden texts on the website
  18. Excessive ads at above the fold area
  19. DMCA Copyrights violation
  20. Webmaster guidelines violation
  21. Content guidelines violation
  22. Lack of relevant, original content on all website pages
  23. Excessive keyword density
  24. Low quality link building practices
  25. Rank manipulation with Paid sites
  26. Cross linking between the family sites.
  27. Links from automated content
  28. Blocking the website with robots.txt file
  29. Improper setting and policies of site privacy
  30. Long term noindex tag usage
  31. Excessive coding errors
  32. Excessive content errors
  33. Non conversational commenting spam
  34. Excessive negative reviews for business products or services
  35. Lack of proper Code to Text Ratio
Best sites to find Google algorithms update changes

Other top sources to determine Google algorithms update changes
  • Webmaster World discussions forum –
  • Google inside search blog –
  • Google twitter account –
  • MattCutts –
How to identify the exact reasons for Rank dropping

Best tool to track impacted webpages

Your Google Analytics account is the best source to analyze the impacted landing pages, keywords, organic searches traffic, visitor clicks etc.
How to recovery from rank penalty

To reduce the impact of this web pagerank ranking loss,
  1. Add quality content to the site on regular basis
  2. Do keyword research for right words
  3. Optimize the site and content with primary and secondary keywords
  4. Diversify the anchor texts
  5. Diversify the webtraffic
  6. Target the right audience
  7. Get more social life
  8. Acquire quality backlinks
  9. Avoid lower quality sites linking
  10. Monitor the search engine Algorithms update changes…

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