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In all successful SEO campaigns have common feature is… selection of the right SEO keywords.
Keyword selection strategy

How to research and select right keywords
How to segregate primary keywords and secondary key phrases
Keyword Research – How To Select The Best Keywords for SEO
Requirements to consider before choosing best performing search engine optimization keyphrases selection strategy.

  • Keyword Relevance for your business
  • Search Engine Keyword Search Volume
  • Search Engine Keyword Competition
  • Profit of Targeted Keywords
It is a very hard task to get rank for a single keyword (single term) for entire site. It can increase the SEO budget revenue. Most of cases this practice may fail in achieving Return On Investment.
Google search engine is producing various algorithms changes and updates are facilitating a new widen scope of SEO job and responsibilities. Due to this, many SEO companies are utilizing this new opportunities to improve their conversions and customer branding with their business products and services.
Many search engine optimization firms are recognised the priority of keywords content and its role in customer satisfaction and good user experience. They evolved with new activities in addition to regular link building activities.
Finding the highly converting or transactional keywords for business is become most important before planning the suitable activities in search engine optimization and marketing process.
Your business conversations are highly depended on determining the right keywords.
An effective large and medium small business SEO optimization plan is begins with business keyword search phrases and efficient keyword selection that drive Return On Investment (ROI).
Why keyword analysis is the most important strategy in search engine optimization.

What are best places to optimize keywords with high search volume for site rankings, sales leads, traffic generation and branding.
Here are some best places to optimize on website pages content by inserting keywords with high search volume to meet site goals and objectives.
Researching, determining and planning the best search volume of conversional keyterm phrases that yields the best results on budget investment of SEO team is really very tough work. There are many factors decides the seo campaign efforts. They are project time, skill of in-house employees, user search trends, online behaviour of visitors etc.
Why your keyword terms are not ranked and failed in conversions?

There are a number of causes affecting the site rankings and conversions strategy from search engines. They are,
  1. If you are ignored user experience:
  2. If you are writing for search engines:
  3. Optimizing more with high-volumed keywords:
  4. Over or less keyword density i the content:
  5. Excessive dependency on Link building:
  6. Treating keyword rankings as a success metric:
  7. Lack of practically useful webcontent:
  8. Wrong selection of target audience:
  9. Improper content optimization strategy:
Types of keyword phrases
There are 3 kinds of keyterms are exists on online. Namely they are,
1) Conversation or transactional
2) Informative
3) Navigational
Conversional keywords

  • Also known as transactional keyphrases
  • Motivates the purchase behaviour of customers
  • These are exact relevance to user needs
  • Capable of higher conversion rate
  • Directly relevant to ROI of efforts
  • Produce the higher number of sales
  • Example – Watch Online Full Movie / Download Antivirus / Honeymoon Suite Packages in Hotel Royal Prince
Informational keywords

  • These are generally with higher search volumes
  • Capable of lower conversion rate
  • Improves the branding
  • Best suitable for content writing & marketing
  • Brings a lot of traffic
  • Example –  Best Hotel in Sydney / Best Summer Vacation in Europe / Next Train to London / Flight to Singapore
Navigational keywords

  • Useful for branding only
  • Less capable of conversions
  • Suitable for beginner readers
  • Brings less traffic (for small companies)
  • Example – SEOMoz Blog / Website SEO Blog / YouTube
SEO is long-term process so, don’t affix to one keyword location while optimizing on webpages. So optimization of highly converting keyterms is become necessary to generate the online sales and business leads over the internet and to develop high yielding SEO results over the long term period with less effort.
After choosing the available three types of keytexts, do not optimize on multiple pages for the same keywords. You have to group all similar keytexts and target 3-5 keywords per webpage based on industry, offering services and visitor demographic.
How to optimize content with key texts to rank high on Google and get more traffic, online leads

Getting search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo is not quite easy. Because many webmasters on online are using same keyword texts and trying to get rank with their efforts, marketing plans, tricks and techniques. Till you search engines trusts your website, generally you won’t rank for a keyword with high search volumes organically. If you optimize with long length right keywords, easily with less efforts to achieve good ranking and visitor leads for your business.
How this is possible?
Your long tailed words have more relevance to user search needs and if you inserted them on your pages to visible to search engines and to users. You should do this to tell to focused search engines to know what yours site content is about.
So how do you make your keywords highly visible?
For a new sites it is very hard to appear in first page of first search result page with single word (broad term) whatever the timeline and seo budget. Because page authority and the domain authority of each webpage will directly show impact on visibility of site and keywords whenever related texts searched by users and online customers.
Best places to optimize high search keywords:
Meta title
Meta description
Page URL structure
Header tag-h1, h2, h3…
Internal linking
Italic font
Alt of image
Keyword sprinkled throughout the page (first paragraph, 2 nd paragraph and last paragraph). 
SEO Keywords to Conversions, Not only Rankings and Traffic Clicks. Try to lookout for new opportunities to optimize. Let me know your priority and experience.

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