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Adsense Optimization Tips for Bloggers

Create a blog or website to start regular blogging on focused profitable adsense niche with low competition, high CPC (cost per click) keywords and with a lot of organic searches etc. in order to create more online revenue through visitor clicks on approved Adsense web advertisements.

In short, the process of making money from online adsense, you need to identify better profit making niche topics and subtopics along with sufficient keywords those can generate money with visitors clicks and with user search intent based web content with proper on page SEO optimization and referral traffic with off page SEO content marketing and social media optimization.
Ways to find best and highly paid topics for your blogging
The simplest way to find top paying topics for your blogging is to what everyone search online every day. 

There are several niches are receiving a lot of web traffic coming from various major and minor search engines. But before blogging your focused topics, you have to analyze online audiences and web visitors. You also need to come to a conclusion on following blog objectives before beginning blogging on regular basis.
  • Who are your target readers?
  • What your readers are searching?
  • What are your blogging goals?
  • How your readers are meeting their requirements?
  • What are best methods to reach your customers?
There are two kinds of online bloggers are exists in the web world; one of them are just they will blog on their desired topics without considering adsense earning, and the other kind of web blogger are blog with commercial angle to make money with Google adsense and other web advertising avenues.
Decide yourself Are you a fun blogger or Adsense earner?
In web world, few bloggers are posting their desired content ranging from entertainment to learning knowledge in free hours. Generally these kinds of bloggers are ignores the adsense money making. Just they will post and leave the blog. Another important thing is they are just fun blogger, not your niche competitors.
Whereas few web bloggers are takes blogging seriously and post articles on focused topics only to earn money online with various web advertising programs. Example, Google Adsense. Almost these kind of bloggers are do blogging on regular basis with selected keywords those generates good amount of money on web.
So what is your main focus? Fun blogging or Money earning?
Here is a myth is exists that highly paying keywords are makes more money at Google. But the truth is generally they do not generate huge money with these keywords with less blogging efforts. Because, many online bloggers are continuously work on these keywords due to the availability of high competition on online.
Such highly paid keywords phrases are require a lot of postings to beat existing web competition to attain top position to get natural clicks for visitor’s queries. You need to write bulk number of posting on daily basis if you prefer these top paying keywords list for adsense blogging.
Adsense is online money making program for blog and website owners with publishing web advertisement most relevant to blogging topics. Gradually it becomes most trusted money making avenue on online. Many online people are starts selective blogging with targeting high CPC keywords oriented web content. 

They will generally spend lot of time on creating content relevant to visitor’s search intent. They spend much time in writing quality postings with seo writing tips and quality link building.

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