Adsense Approval Checklist for Blogger Blogs and Websites – Website SEO Guide’s Money Making Tips

There a number of ways of money earning and making methods from online advertisements, affiliated marketing programs, online sponsorship or even from selling various business products and services on your site and blogs.

But most of the webizens are believing the Google AdSense, is a Google’s Publisher money making Program. Publishers are the owners of website holders and weblog bloggers. The publishers can earn money from online by having targeted advertisements on their site or blogs.
Google Adsense can approve older as well new sites and online blogs those meeting required criteria. If any site that has not meets adsense approval policy, then Google disapprove the application and send a mail with possible reasons for reject. A lot of factors supports in either application approval or rejection. So it is advised to check your site is developed the requirements for adsense program policies.
Basic Required conditions for Adsense money making program
What conditions are to avoidShould avoid few conditions when your applying for adsense
1) Popups – Remove the type of popup exists on website
2) Other ad networksRemove the other network ads belonging to Alternate to Google adsense CPC programs
3) Blank white pages on blogs – Don’t keep any empty white page
4) Older Cookies – remove  or clear the cookies of previously applied
5) Short length content – Eliminate short length page content on webpages
6) Low user value based page content – Add users solution or tips or informative content instead of non useful articles
7) Duplication rich text media – Eliminate the copied content, images, DMCA copyrights videos, documents etc.
8) Crawl barrier – remove broken links, minimize page loading speed etc…
9) Code to text ratio – Avoid low code to text ratio on website. Keep minimum 25%
10) Site status – Should avoid application for under construction sites and 
11) Publisher age – Should have age is above 18 years before you apply
12) CWP guidelines – Should follow the CWP (Content, Webmasters, Program policy) guidelines.
Adsense policy program moderators in Google are approves the blogs and websites that come up with the prerequisites. So it is better to check and recheck the sites to meet the requirements of adsense account for approval because every website and blog are need to consider certain
conditions before you applying to get adsense application approval. 

It is a free CPC program for all. Don’t fall in the trap of instant AdSense account approval services. There are 2 kinds of Google AdSense application approval methods are exists. They are namely 1) Regular method and 2) Quick method.

 1) Regular method – What conditions are to follow
  1. Quantity of Postings – 30 to 50 article or few more posts
  2. Length of posting – more than 500 to 1000 words
  3. Add relevant content  write webcontent related your blog title and theme
  4. Keep few important pages – About Page with with your information, original photo and Google + link, Privacy Policy Page, Disclaimer etc…
  5. Average pageviews and Visits or Traffic – Should have organic search visits and referral traffic instead of paid visits, but web traffic is not compulsory, but your monthly adsense revenue and earning amount is depended on your site traffic number.
  6. Publisher Age – must above 18years old.
  7. Site submission – apply with fully launched website only
  8. Site content – Supported languages only
  9. Domain age – 1 month to 6 month
  10. Guidelines – should follow all Webmaster Quality Guidelines
  11. Site design and navigation – Main and architecture +  Interlinking blog posts + RSS feed
  12. Connect Your Site With Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  13. Niche – Your website should belong to a niche that have a lot of advertisers
  14. RSS subscribers – encourage the signup with emails to receive latest posting through rss feed email
  15. Number of backlinks – not compulsory but try to link with relevant, quality and authority sites
  16. Posting frequency – Should add articles on regular basis
  17. Indexed pages – Should have a good number of indexed webpages at search engine database system
  18. Loading speed – Should with minimal site and page loading times
  19. Custom 404 page – Should have a individual 404 error page with text for visitors and a link to all important webpages
  20. Search box – Should have a working search box or Google custom search box
  21. Sitemap – Should have a sitemap for visitors to navigate to all pages.
  22. Social plugins – Should link to relevant social pages you created like Facebook, Google plus etc…
  23. Own content – Should have your unique content instead of copy pasted or duplicated content
  24. Contact information – Should have your contact details like email etc. on Contact Page.
2) Quick method of adsense account approval
After following like these conditions, then apply for adsense account approval. If you disapproved, don’t be any emotion. Here is best simple way to get your adsense application is accepted, the easy method of getting adsense approval is usage of youtube user channel. Just created a user channel and upload few unique or user required videos on youtube user channel and to get quick approval. After approval, you can add the given code on your sites and blogs.

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