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What you learn from this article:
  1. Why to optimize the About Us webpage?
  2. How to optimize About Me webpage with SEO techniques?
  3. SEO writing tips for About Us or Me page ranking in search engine
  4. How to build Online Brand reputation?
  5. Best practices for  About Us or About Me page for SEO ranking and online benefits
  6. Top writing tips to user specific content
  7. Writing mistakes of fresher content writers and newbie copywriters
  8. Benefits of Subscribe or Sign up option
  9. Writing tips for SEO writers
  10. Benefits of About Us or Me webpage SEO Optimization
Why to optimize the About Us or Me webpage?
Remember, yours every search engine results page (indexed and ranked organically) is yours’ best opportunity for customer conversion and first opportunity to motivate visitors’ online purchase behavior.
How to optimize About Us or About Me page with SEO techniques
  1. Add a list of blog category pages or main labels.
  2. Add a list of top posts.
  3. Include mail subscription box option to subscribe or follow your site
  4. Provide link to your RSS feed link or icon based
  5. Develop content with keyphrases and synonyms
  6. Split up your longer paragraphs into smaller for easy readable
  7. Create differently your About page
  8. Add various content forms like texts, images, audio, videos, infographics,
  9. Keep Up-to-Date
  10. Mention dates,months, years etc.
  11. Make it easy loadable
  12. Give a clear picture on what is posting on your blog.
  13. Link to FAQ posting page
  14. Link to privacy policy page
  15. Link to Disclaimer page
  16. Link to Terms and Conditions page
  17. Link to Contact Us or Contact Me page
  18. Access to hire me page
  19. Link to Career or Jobs vacancies page
  20. Access to Services page
  21. Access to Products page
  22. Keep a creative menu bar or architecture to link inner pages
  23. Keep entertaining and engaging visitors
Best practices for  About Us or About Me page for SEO ranking and online benefits
  • Use clickable relevant Headings and Sub Headings
  • Add maximum 2 to 3 paragraphs under each Sub-headlines
  • Add 3 lines sentences as a paragraph
  • Add creative content with more than 500 words to 750 words in length
  • Provide call-to-action texts and call-to-action buttons at prominent places
  • Add funny, creative relevant images, your pictures, team
  • Discuss your business features and benefits in 50-100 words of the service or product descriptions
  • Add your qualification
  • Add your achievements and awards
  • Add clients and loyal customers happy testimonials
  • Add your technical and professional experience
  • Include your branded customers logos and websites lists
  • Mention your availability
  • Develop content for all kinds of online customers and business audiences
  • Develop user knowledge specific page content
  • Mention your habits and interests
  • Mention your voluntary services you did
  • Mention your support for elder people, child, NGOs, pregnant women, Charity,
  • Include provided educational scholarships, financial aid to poor students
  • Don’t add plagiarism content from other blogs and websites.
And finally the top writing tips to user specific content…!
  • Avoid Boring content.
Many authors and writers practicing writing the documents and various content forms in first person voice instead of neutral way. Generally this content is crafted with company-centered or business product-centered description. 
If you describe product’s features even in simple easy readable way, many people are unable to understand the benefits of your product, because you are mentioned the merits, advantages of your services or products clearly. So you definitely loss the visitors and qualified customers conversion. And you will lose the business leads and sales enquiries from targeted customers with your writing skills.
for instance,
  • I’m looking to work in b2b firms…
  • Writing in first person voice
Many fresher content writers and newbie copywriters write company-centered, product-centered description in the documents and web pages content. it is not customer-centered, visitor-benefited, user-engaging content. They need to learn how to be a good SEO writer or SEO technical writer or sales content writer, document writer with writing skills impovement tips and multi domains knowledge.
Tip – Add customer-centered, visitor-benefited, user-engaging content.
Another example is Signing up for subscribing with email to follow you and your update postings, newsletter.
Many bloggers and website owners by default gives the texts for subscribing option like this
“Subscribe with email” OR “Subscribe to follow my updates”. See these texts, how much boring and visitor ignorable.
Benefits of Subscribe or Sign up option:
Remember here, this is also your best opportunity for getting benefited with SEO-search engine optimization practices.
Don’t ignore the Benefits of Subscribe or Sign up option
Here is list of advantages having Subscribe or Sign up option on the webpage
  1. Conversion, 
  2. Brand distribution, 
  3. Building bond with fellow bloggers, 
  4. Click through rate (CTR) improvement, 
  5. Web analytics and marketing analysis, 
  6. Marketing research, survey 
  7. Tracking the online visitor trends and
  8. Reaching targeted or qualified people in your industry.
Writing tips for SEO writers
So use the words such like catchable and simple to read and follow. Use keyword phrases in your sentence to make a motivation towards accomplishing your web page or site goals. Learn here how to write to improve Signing up for subscriber list for your website and blogs.
for instance,
  1. Subscribe to our free, weekly e-mail bulletin
  2. Subscribe for employment news online to get free email alerts on new recruitment notifications and latest job openings, walk-ins in your inbox
  3. Subscribe by email to get a reminder on latest jobs in New York city
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  7. Subscribe to find voluntary training opportunity and Improve poor child skills with your knowledge.
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Writing for the “About Us or About Me” page SEO Optimization has many advantages to you and to your website. Check below the detailed points explains you how to get benefited with “About Us or About Me” page in terms of search engine optimization and online marketing over the internet and in digital media etc. web sources.
SEO Optimization Benefits with About Us or About Me page
  1. Drives more online traffic
  2. Increase the more leads and online sales
  3. Improve the more revenue
  4. Improve the followers
  5. Improve the more online visibility
  6. Increase the online audiences
  7. Improve the relation with fellow bloggers and webmasters
  8. Convert new visitors to loyal customers
  9. Promote the website on online
  10. Promotes the business across the multiple web sources
  11. Influence the visitor purchase behavior
  12. Improves the online reputation
  13. Increase the brand awareness
  14. Improves the author credibility
  15. Improves the goodwill and positive opinion on the company
  16. Acts as advertisement channel for company business products and services
  17. Attracts the lot of web readers and visitors
  18. Gets online search engine organic rankings for your focused keywords
  19. Build strong communication or bond with online people and customers
  20. Keeps the visitor’s mind fresh from routine seo optimization
  21. Plays a key role in content marketing
  22. Helps in getting search engine ranking for visitor search queries
  23. Helps in easy indexing by search engines
  24. Avoids the search engine algorithms penalty or rank filter 
  25. Acts as link bait to get more links, bookmarks, popularity etc…

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